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Christine Callahan is an Attorney at Law/Mediator with a background in Education. We offer services for:







“Christine was great to work with. We were able to collaborate on a solution and able to have this process move along quickly. I truly appreciate her responsiveness in making sure all details were covered to avoid any delays.” Client

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We work with clients to find their peace in their Minnesota Divorce. Removing the emotional storm allows clients to make smarter decisions when negotiating a divorce settlement and when getting ready for litigation.

We work with clients to build their strength. Finding peace does not mean becoming a doormat or letting a spouse take advantage during the divorce process. We educate clients on their rights and responsibilities under Minnesota law so they know what they could expect to be awarded if their case went to court. Building strength includes fostering resilience and creating a plan to move forward. We help clients regain the strength they need to face the challenges ahead of them.

Family Law /Divorce

  • Custody Issues
  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
  • Post Decree Modification
  • Property Division
  • Negotiated Agreements
  • Representation in Court


Not all mediators are created equal. In Minnesota you do NOT have to be an attorney to be a mediator. Christine Callahan is a qualified Mediator AND an experienced Family Law Attorney.

A mediator who is also an experienced family law attorney can help you fully appreciate your rights and responsibilities under Minnesota Law. You can rest assured you are getting a fair agreement through mediation as compared to what you might have through litigation, and an agreement which will carefully implement all the legal requirements needed for separating assets and liabilities.

At Callahan Law, LLC we strive to make the mediation process more effective by focusing on moving toward the resolution. The past is an important indicator of how parties will move forward, but focusing on moving forward can lead to a faster, less expensive, and more effective mediation process for everyone.

Christine has many years of experience in family law and also understands the personal challenges of a family going through the divorce process. Christine’s background in Adult Education combined with her experience as a Family Law Attorney gives her the perfect balance for effective and efficient mediation.

Early Neutral Evaluations

The Early Neutral Evaluation process allows parties to attempt to resolve their disputes early in the divorce or custody process. Parties who begin discussing settlement options early can save a great deal of time, money, and emotional energy by working toward a resolution before affidavits and motions have been filed, and before they have to pay attorneys to conduct formal discovery (interrogatories, depositions, request to produce documents, etc). Most counties in Minnesota now have the ICMC process in which parties go to court for an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) and they are given the option to voluntarily participate in the ENE process. You can read more ENE’s in our posts. Christine Callahan has completed the certified training to conduct Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE, for custody and parenting time) and Financial Early Neutral Evaluations (FENE for support and property division).